Apricot kernel seeds can cure cancer


Ever since sickness and diseases were invented, there have been efforts to find solutions. Many times, questionable myths pop up making those hanging on to feeble hope to think all has been lost. We always hear we must go organic, but we have to realize that eating organic is not only meant for those hardcore vegetarians or vegans for instance. One discovery in this century’s science has been the miracle of apricot kernel seeds and their high content of vitamin B17. Eating the raw organic ones can supposedly even cure cancer, no side effects included.


The key lies hidden not in the apricot’s tasty fruity self, but captured within the squishy almond-looking seeds inside the outer seed’s hard shell. Kernels are their proper name. They have an oily and not so pleasant bitter taste, but usually the things are toughest to bear are the most beneficial. According to Dr. John Richardson, Dr. Ernst Krebb, Jr., and other researchers and scientists, eating apricot seeds will prevent disease and act as a counterforce against cancer. The recommendation is to eat 5 to 7 apricot kernel seeds per day. If you are trying to cure cancer, perhaps it is wise to take more. For starters, maybe start at eating 1 or 2 seeds per day, to avoid nausea. Even if you do not have cancer, it is a great way to prolong your life and prevent disease.


How  do you take them? 

You can crack open the apricot seeds yourself or buy them separately. Chew the seeds until they liquefy and swallow them. If you really can’t stomach their flavor, you can also chop them up and eat them with something sweet, such as honey.

G. Edward Griffin wrote the book World Without Cancer to help his friend, Dr. John Richardson, convey his story in a way people could understand. Dr. Richardson was a practicing physician in the San Francisco area. He had a stunningly high success rate of patients whose tumors shrunk and cancer cells
were killed because of a substance called: Laetrile. Most fruit seeds contain an extract called Amygdalin, or Laetrile (when purified and concentrated), otherwise known as Vitamin B17. Apricots have one of the highest amounts.

Eating these apricot seeds is not toxic. One of the substances of amygdalin is cyanide, and another is benzaldyhide.  Keep in mind they would be poison if they were not blended together and in their pure gas form. Science dictates, however, that if cyanide is instead joined with a different molecule then it is not harmful.

do the harmful cells get destroyed?

Cancer cells have a unique unlocking enzyme called beta-glucosidase. It also releases cyanide and benzaldyhide which are toxic when combined together without the modifier of amygdalin. The apricot kernel seed treatment does not kill the healthy cells but singles out and terminates the carcinogens.


It is important and highly recommended that the apricot kernel seeds are eaten raw, organic, and without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Pesticides and herbicides are rooted from the same company that developed and patented GMO. Further research indicates that Roundup is connected to these businesses as well. It is a weed control substance used in agriculture for the masses to generate greater production. Alarming news is that Roundup is now incorporated into non-organic fruits and vegetables thereby altering and contaminating their seeds and composition.


Why not just take a 
B17 Vitamin and avoid the taste of the seeds?

There is nothing like going directly to the source. Within these
nutritious seeds are also many other vitamins and minerals that work together
to help your body absorb the former.

Why hasn’t the FDA 
publicized this health care cure?

More money is made from cancer itself than would be from this effective natural cure. Many people would lose their jobs if this was released into regular medical practice. Pharmaceutical companies and the medicalestablishment run on cash flow, and apricot kernel seeds and their laetrile component simply is not profitable for them. In fact, the Federal Drug Administration once made it illegal to sell the raw seeds along with their nutritious healing information. There was also a ban in 1971 against the use of Laetrile.

It is possible that the use of apricot kernel seeds as an effective cure for cancer can be a myth. However, to achieve a healthy lifestyle one must always combine any probable scientific recommendation along with exercise and a natural diet.


For additional info, check out these links:
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  • How long do you have to take these seeds for them to take effect? And will they cure cancer if it has gone in 3 areas and have less than 6 months to live? My brother has cancer and would love to make him better any advice would be helpful. He’s changed his diet and has been taking these seeds but he is having pain, would that pain happen even if these seeds were killing cells please could you answer me all these questions positively.

  • I absolutely belived on that treatment and I will recomend all all my friends.

  • Royce says:

    Dear Elaine, Have the Apricot kernels helped your brother?

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