Herb & Tea

Tea, a drink made from herbs, could be divided into two types. First is the tea made from green tea leaves. Second, is the one made from other parts of herbal plants including petals, fruits, bark or roots. To make a cup of tea, we use heating water to bring out certain characters of herbs in a brief period. Thus it helps us avoid an excessive amount of natural chemicals, and at the same time, reserve nice aroma and taste.

Tea Tree Oil is the “Windex” of Skin Healing

TeaTreeOilRemember the stubborn but loving father in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? He had a solution for any disease or discomfort that affected his friends and family: Windex. Got rheumatism? Spray a little Windex on it. Cuts or scrapes? Windex to the rescue. While the philosophical debate about the use of Windex at all continues in my home (yes it’s blue, but it really does work great for windows), the medical uses for Windex are confined to the movies. But fret not – there is another product which functions as a dermatological cure-all and falls well into the …