Bloated Stomach Gas – How to Get Rid of Bloated Gas

Read about the 5 Very Important Points about Bloated Stomach Gas

anti_bloating1. Flatulence is about a lot more than simply breaking wind, or “farting” as we have come to refer to it. However, the “fart” is what has come to symbolise flatulence in our minds, and the truth of the matter is that that is hard to shift from a person’s mind. This means that a lot of people are unaware that issues like bloated stomach gas are every bit as much a symptom of flatulence as the common one that we often mistake for being interchangeable with “flatulence”. As a result, it is common after a meal to think “I feel bloated” and do nothing about it. Bloated stomach gas is, without a doubt, a major part of flatulence.

2. Dealing With Bloated Stomach Gas

After a meal, many of us will feel what we might describe as “uncomfortably full”. This does not mean that everything in our stomach is food. If that were the case, we most likely would end up vomiting involuntarily. The food needs space in the stomach in order for digestion to take place. When we digest food, gases are released, and it is this bloated stomach gas that we feel when we consider ourselves uncomfortably full. A lot of people like to sit still and let the food digest – but this will not help bloated stomach gas, and relaxing is practically impossible in any case.

3. Instead, we should be considering a little bit of exercise. It may seem like absolutely the wrong time, because we feel like doing nothing at all. But by going for a walk we kick start our whole system, and this will help with the digestion of food. Bloated stomach gas will be released when it is possible to release it, but often it is difficult to do this right after a meal – and trying to force it causes more problems than it solves. There are better ways to release it anyway, even if we don’t feel up to walking.

4. Additional Approaches To Bloated Gas

One of the best things you can do if you feel unwell after eating – and believe it may be caused by bloated stomach gas – is to fill a hot water bottle or heat a warm compress (many people favor a fabric bag filled with wheat or barley) and place it on the stomach. This allows muscles to expand and will ease any ache or pain, as well as allowing the stomach to do what it has to do more efficiently. There is likely to be some escape of trapped gas – no problem there – and an almost instant feeling of less discomfort. this is a time-honored way to get rid of bloated stomach gas.

5. Alternatively it is beneficial to lie back and massage the area gently. If you feel full of gas, this massage will allow the system to ease the condition and free the trapped gas. You will feel better almost instantly, and although bloated stomach gas is better prevented than treated, you will value the relief. To avoid it happening again, there is one way which works better than any – eat a balanced diet with small portions in most cases, therefore preventing the problem from recurring.

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